Here is the typical format for a Sunday event. All sessions are for all ages!


Creation2Communion (Sunday School)
Everyone absolutely loves this gospel illusion presentation! Steve transforms into “Dr. LivingStone”, complete with a lab coat and wig! Several illusions are performed to demonstrate the gospel message. Please invite all ages – it’s not just for kids! Check out a sneak peak of this session on Youtube!

Foundations Under Fire (Morning Worship)
This PowerPoint message reveals how evolution undermines the gospel message and how it has affected our culture. The church is encouraged to wake up and get serious about the issues.

Fossils, the Flood,¬†Noah’s Ark, and Dinosaurs (Evening Worship)
This jammed-packed message answers many questions from the Bible and demonstrates that people are “evolutionized”. A young earth is clearly shown from the Bible! Steve also brings his fossil collection.

Several more PowerPoint messages are available for a return visit.

Doctrinal Statement